Bayer ranks employees, safety number one

Bayer Hawaii’s Maui farm was re-certified as a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star facility by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

This accomplishment was not simply another milestone; it was a re-affirmation of this agricultural company’s dedication to their employees and commitment to exceptional occupational safety and health.

OSHA’s VPP Star designation recognizes employers and employees who demonstrate exemplary achievement in the prevention and control of occupational safety and health hazards in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of their safety and health management system. To receive the VPP designation, applicants must successfully complete an extensive multi-year certification process Bayer’s Maui farm was first designated as a VPP Star facility in 2006.

“Safety is critically important because our people are our most valuable resource,” said Bruce Schnicker, the company’s Maui Technology Center Lead. “The true value of this VPP certification is it encourages our employees to take care of each other. We also learn how to access safety programs, and how we can prepare for future events, and operate those events in a very safe manner.”

Joe McClure, Hawaii Enablement Lead, led the re-certification effort on Maui. “This VPP re-certification process goes beyond trainings, forms, and processes,” he said. “You have to have more than these things to be successful in business. It has to be the care and concern one has for their fellow colleagues, which is very evident by this team here.”

Paul Myers, Hawaii Environmental Health and Safety Lead, added: “We’re honored to have earned this VPP Star recognition because it shows how much our company values our employees. That’s the real motivation behind this certification process – safety of our employees both at work and at home, safety of our farm operations, and safety of our environment. Our goal is to always keep on learning and never stop improving.”

Currently, there are three VPP Star facilities certified by the State of Hawaii, two of which are Bayer's Maui and Molokai farms.

In August 2018, Bayer successfully completed its acquisition of Monsanto. By strengthening our agricultural division and reinforcing our life science portfolio, the acquisition represents a significant step forward for Bayer, our employees, our customers and our shareholders.