Busy Bees Thrive at Monsanto Hawaii Farms

The bees have been busy at Monsanto Hawaii’s farms, especially on Molokai where a bee swarm was discovered. The healthy native blooming plants and cover crops at the farm help to attract new bee colonies, and keeps current colonies alive. The new bee swarm was spotted on some koa trees in one of Monsanto’s waterways.

Bee swarming occurs when a queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, which can number in the thousands. If the bees decide to rest on our farms, like in this picture, crews section off the area to stop nearby farming activities until the bees have moved to a different location.

After seeing Monsanto’s partnerships page online, local bee keepers inquired about catching the bees on Monsanto’s farms to help them build up some hives. Monsanto Hawaii has committed to having pollinator habitats at each location, and was excited to partner with the bee keepers to help collect the bees, which they were able to successfully complete by collecting an entire swarm.

In addition, Monsanto also partners with Project Apis m. (PAm), Honey Bee Advisory Council, Beeologics LLC and BioDirect Technology to help protect bees and promote bee health. For more information about these partnerships, click here.