“Children should not be hungry. People should not be hungry.”

“Children should not be hungry. People should not be hungry.”  Mary Lee Chin, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant

For Dietician and Nutrition Consultant Mary Lee Chin, hunger is a personal experience. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, she recalls a childhood in which her family did not always have enough to eat. Today, she works with the food industry and non-profit food groups on a variety of hunger and nutrition education initiatives.

On Discover.Monsanto.com, Mary shares some of her thoughts and experiences about hunger. Her story touched our hearts.

As much as we’d love to be able to, there’s no way our company will solve a global issue like hunger by itself. But we are proud to collaborate with many other organizations with similar goals – to do what we can to help make a difference.

Much of the work we do here in Hawaii is part of this effort, by helping farmers grow food more successfully and sustainably. We invite you to please learn more about what we do and why.