Ag Security Watch

In response to growing theft, vandalism, and agro-terrorism at local farms, law enforcement officers and the agricultural community have joined forces to establish the Agriculture Security Watch. Monsanto Hawaii has supported and been actively involved in this program since its inception. We believe cooperating and partnering with law enforcement and our fellow farmers is critical to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our employees and residents.

Spearheaded by the Police Department and members of the agriculture community, this program helps foster a more cohesive network among law enforcement partners, farmers, ranchers, and agriculture organizations of all sizes to enable us to operate freely with minimal disruption from vandalism, theft and agro-terrorism.

Efforts to date have included increased police patrols, quicker response times to crimes on agricultural lands, greater familiarization of agricultural areas by the police and improved sharing of information so farmers, ranchers, police and other agricultural entities can be alerted about possible criminal activities and trends.