Internship Opportunities at Monsanto

Monsanto Hawaii provides summer internship opportunities to college students interested in a future career in agriculture. Internships offer valuable on-the-job experience through paid, temporary, full-time positions and provide an opportunity to learn about how Monsanto works and how science is shaping the future of agriculture. To be eligible, interns must be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, and pursuing a degree in one of the following disciplines: agriculture business or another agriculture-related major, such as agronomy, animal sciences, biological sciences, botany, genetic engineering, plant breeding or plant physiology. Selection is based upon student credentials, interview and the matching of students’ skills to available openings.

Here’s what some of our interns have shared about their experiences:

Kelly Ann Lee, University of Washington

“My internship at Monsanto completely exceeded my expectations. As a biology undergrad with no prior experience in agriculture, I was both excited and nervous to work for a major seed company. The team I did research with did an amazing job of mentoring me through several projects that were equal parts challenging and fun. I felt so supported and cared for the entire time. 

One of the many highlights of the internship was having the opportunity to tour sites on all three islands. Traveling and networking with the other interns was an experience none of us will ever forget. 

“As a local kid who was really unsure about coming home for employment, I highly recommend working for Monsanto. The folks there will make you feel like family while giving you the tools and connections to work globally. I have never met a kinder, more intelligent group of people.”

Koalii Ladao, Northern Arizona University

“As an undergraduate majoring in mechanical engineering, the Monsanto summer internship provided me with beneficial insight into the opportunities in the agriculture industry for mechanical engineers. The personal and technical skills that I developed through this program far exceeded anything that I have learned in the classroom.

As an intern, I was able to design, build, and implement a catchment system for one of the machines in the manufacturing process to decrease downtime and increase safety with post-harvest activities. Along with this, I was able to improve my skills in areas including teamwork, communication, problem solving, and maintenance. Helpful instructors, friendly coworkers, and a great community made the experience at Monsanto one I will never forget.”

Kyler Beck, Idaho State University

“It is with the utmost sincerity that I describe my experience with Monsanto Hawaii and recommend their internships to any and every college student interested in a career in agriculture.

A defining characteristic of Monsanto Company is their persistent drive to produce and operate in a manner that exceeds that of past years. The same characteristic is upheld in regards to the internships provided by Monsanto Hawaii. I was extremely impressed by both the relevance of the projects given to interns as well as the resources available to tackle the projects.

Furthermore, the responsibility given to interns was well balanced with opportunities to search and discover the company. For example, interns were given the opportunity to tour Monsanto facilities located on the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, Monsanto Hawaii provides interns with the opportunity to experience the forefront of agricultural innovation conducted in the light of environmental sustainability.

I believe, however, that it will be the connections made and guidance received from the upstanding people of Monsanto Hawaii that impact my career the most. As a participant in the internship program of this great company, I recommend this experience to anyone genuinely interested in a career in agriculture.”

To apply, please visit our Monsanto Company Job and Internship Page