Honouliuli memorial will serve the future

The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii has worked to preserve the stories of Hawaii's Japanese-American internees and research sites such as Honouliuli for the past decade. During this time, our partnership with Honouliuli landowner, Monsanto, and the National Park Service has been based upon a shared commitment to preserve the historic site, create public access and share the lessons and legacy of the Japanese-American internment to future generations.

We've co-sponsored educational tours for students, remembrance programs for the community and produced the documentary film, "The Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaiʻi."

Monsanto's donation of 160 acres of Honouliuli to the public and the National Park's willingness to accept Honouliuli into the national park system are major steps toward ensuring the preservation of Hawaii's largest World War II internment camp site and preventing another Honouliuli in the future.

Carole Hayashino
President, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii