Hawaii Business Magazine: What happens to Molokai if GMOs are banned?

One in 10 of the 2,200 jobs on Molokai are provided by Monsanto or Mycogen and together they estimate they pour $15 to 18 million into the island’s economy each year. So what happens to Molokai if the GMO moratorium is enforced? Read this insightful piece by Hawaii Business Magazine to find out.

Facing Future: What happens to Molokai if GMOs are banned?

“There was always something else. When pineapple closed, the resorts were there. When the ranch closed, Monsanto was still there. There was always an answer. We don’t have the answer now.”
—Kimberly Mikami Svetin, Store owner

To some people, Monsanto is the face of corporate evil, but David Makaiwi sees a different face. Before Monsanto hired him, he sold drugs, served time and drifted from odd job to odd job.

“They gave me one second chance at life,” Makaiwi says. “I no more one schooling education. Everything I learned in my life is from watching and learning. I fight for this company because I see nothing wrong with it. What happens out there on the mainland and stuff li’dat, I don’t know. But I know what’s happening here on Molokai.”

When Maui County voted in November to place a moratorium on growing genetically modified organisms...

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