Inaugural open house a big success in Kunia

More than 80 people joined us for a fun, first-hand look at our farm in Kunia at Monsanto Hawaii’s inaugural Open House this past weekend – the first in a series of open houses for interested community members.

We spent a fun couple of hours talking about food and farming in Hawaii, and what we do on our farms; touring some of our fields and demo plots; and learning more about our efforts as good neighbors and members of the community.

Everyone was invited to ask us anything they wanted about our farms, and we had some great conversations as a result.

"So many times we hear about how Hawaii is ground zero for GMOs as if it's a bad thing.  When you actually visit the farm, you don't see scary corn plants or weird labs.  All you see is the green of corn fields.” Joni Kamiya of Kamiya Papaya said. "Hawaii is a great place to foster high tech innovation and we are lucky to have investment here."

Those who attended our first Open House represented a wide cross-section of our community, including businesses, charities and community organizations, ag partners, retirees, educators, and more.

"The strongest message I took away from this past weekend’s visit was that most of the world’s seed and food passing through Hawaii starts here in Hawaii. It was like the first time I heard Nainoa Thompson say to me that the world can learn from Hawaii, and then lauded the Hokulea Worldwide Voyage using celestial navigation to promote astronomy-science while being rooted in cultural values. I think that if Hawaii is a hub for innovation and science, and if it’s trying to be part of the community in this way, then you folks are on the right track. Great message!" said Kimo Carvalho, Development and Community Relations Manager at the Institute for Human Services.

A warm mahalo for taking the time to visit with us, also a special thanks to the Japanese Culture Center  of Hawaii and the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation for taking part in our inaugural open house

We are planning to host future open houses this year. If you’re interested, please sign up here.