I’ve seen reports of studies showing GM crops are safe and others saying they aren’t. Who and what do I believe?

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Q: I’ve seen reports of studies showing GM crops are safe and others saying they aren’t. Who and what do I believe?

It’s true that there is a lot of conflicting information out there. But when it comes to the scientific community that has studied the issue, there really isn’t any conflict – the broad consensus among scientists who have looked closely at GM crops is that they are as safe as any other crop.

When considering and comparing scientific data, there are several things we take into account:

  • Is the study designed and executed well and according to accepted methods?
  • Is it in alignment with other data on the same topic?
  • Do the results make scientific/biological sense?
  • Is the scope of the conclusions supported by the data?
  • What are the opinions of credible scientific and health authorities such as regulatory agencies, The American Medical Association and the National Academy of Sciences?

There is a large body of documented scientific studies showing that the GM crops being grown and harvested are safe. Collectively, these studies consider the food, feed and environmental safety of these crops.  The science and safety behind GM crops are well established and strongly supported by the scientific community.  Credible and independent experts around the world also have reviewed the scientific evidence and determined food grown from commercialized GM crops is safe to eat. Just some of the esteemed organizations that have confirmed this conclusion can be found here.

We encourage our community and neighbors to learn more about the facts about GMOs by reading some of the reports and studies from the world’s leading researchers and food experts. Over a thousand peer-reviewed studies affirm the safety of GM crops. To check out these independent studies go to BioFortifiedor for answers from independent scientists and industry scientists on questions on GM foods, go to www.gmoanswers.com.

When it comes to issues as important as the safety of our food, results must be based on quality research that adheres to internationally recognized standards. As always, Monsanto Hawaii remains committed to adhering to these rigorous scientific guidelines as the safety of our products remains our highest priority.