Maui County Report Shows No Sign of Glyphosate in Water Systems

In a report issued by the Department of Water Supply in Maui County, it was found that the water systems near Monsanto’s Maui County facilities showed no sign of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. The findings span the timeframe of February 2014 through May 2014 during which time 45 samples were taken from various locations in Molokai & Maui’s drinking water system.

None of the 45 samples had detectable levels of glyphosate.  The methods utilized by the County can detect levels as low as 6 parts per billion and levels up to 700 parts per billion of glyphosate are allowed in drinking water under regulatory standards.

The Maui County Department of Water Supply tests for numerous organic and inorganic compounds in our water system on a regular basis in order to comply with Federal standards.

The response and report by the Department, posted below, reinforces Monsanto’s commitment to protecting the Hawaiian land and to ensuring transparency in its operations. In addition, it shows once again that Roundup herbicides are not a threat to Hawaii’s natural resources or the health of its citizens.

Monsanto Hawaii works closely with local county, state and federal regulators to ensure the safety of its employees, the communities where it operates, its customers, consumers and the environment at all times. Hawaii is blessed with great natural beauty and here at Monsanto Hawaii, we plan to keep it that way.