Monsanto employees volunteer over 467 hours to clean up storm drains

Storm drains throughout the Royal Kunia, Village Park and Waipahu communities are conveying an important message, thanks to efforts by Monsanto Hawaii employees. In October 2013, 40 employees joined the City and County of Honolulu’s Storm Drain Marking Project, donating 467 volunteer hours over a three-week period. Volunteers spray painted more than 500 storm drains with “No Dumping. Drains to the Ocean” messages to increase awareness about storm water pollution prevention.

Unlike sanitary sewer systems, anything dumped into the storm drain system usually flows directly into the nearest stream or body of water, often times without treatment to remove pollutants. Therefore, spray painting the storm drain with the “No Dumping. Drains to the Ocean” messages help to raise awareness about the connection between the storm drains and receiving waters to help deter littering and sources of pollution. For more information on this program, visit

“Monsanto Hawaii is dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture,” said Tyler Meier, Monsanto’s Operations Supervisor. “A huge part of ensuring this commitment is by maintaining clean water resources, which aligns with this volunteer project.”

The volunteers also raised $5,000 dollars through the Monsanto Together volunteer hour matching program, which was donated to a local public school.

To learn more about Monsanto Hawaii's volunteer efforts go to our Volunteerism & Support page.