Monsanto grant helps cultivate a garden, life-long learning

This school year, students at Maui Waena Intermediate School’s Technology Club (Falcon Entertainment & Engineering) will have access to a “living laboratory,” thanks to a $10,000 grant by The Monsanto Fund which will help to restore and maintain an on-campus greenhouse for a life-learning garden project.

The school garden will provide students with an opportunity to participate in hands-on learning that teaches horticulture, agriculture and business. It will also encourage responsibility, teamwork, and respect for nature, others, and themselves.

Students will learn various aspects of gardening including establishing the area, planting, and maintenance. They’ll also participate in documenting the entire garden project process, creating a marketing plan, developing useful tutorials, establishing an informational website, and writing grants.

Growing goals include planting herbs, tomatoes, orchids, gardenias, pikake, tuberose, stephanotis, ahinahina, ti and hau.

Falcon Entertainment & Engineering, an outgrowth of Maui Waena Intermediate School’s Technology Club, is dedicated to encouraging members to become productive members of our larger community. Currently there are 50+ dedicated members of the club comprised of 6th and 7th graders.

“We’re excited about living laboratory where students see and experience first-hand what they are learning and then apply that knowledge to real-world situations,” said Maui Waena teacher and club advisor Jennifer Suzuki. “We strive to provide real-world experiences and opportunities that show them the possibilities available in STEM-related fields. With this exposure, we hope to create a group of independent thinkers, problem solvers, and confident communicators who are equipped to be community leaders.”

PHOTO: Maui Waena Intermediate 7th grader Evan Aquinde works in the on-campus greenhouse.  The project, which recently received a grant from the Monsanto Fund, serves as a “living laboratory” for students in the school’s Technology Club.