Monsanto Hawaii Delivers Safety Reports to Maui County Mayor

Hundreds of Monsanto employees on Maui and Molokai rallied on April 3rd to demonstrate their support for Monsanto and Hawaii agriculture, and to deliver copies of several hundred studies and safety reviews – more than 1,000 pages in all – on genetically engineered crops to Mayor Alan Arakawa.

Holding signs that said “Support Maui Ag,” “Save Farmers,” and “Protect Ag Jobs,” more than 200 employees packed the lawn fronting the Kalana O Maui building. Another 140 assembled on Molokai to express their support for the science and safety behind genetically engineered crops.

Monsanto employees delivered the scientific studies as part of the company’s commitment to information sharing and providing educational opportunities to the County of Maui per the Memorandum of Understanding between Monsanto Hawaii and the County of Maui.

“Monsanto has a company-wide pledge to be a good neighbor and responsible steward of the land,” said Carol Reimann, Monsanto community & government affairs manager. “We continue to work with the Mayor’s Office to engage in dialogue and enhance understanding of our products and our farming practices in order to show our commitment to the county and our communities.”

The reports included:

  • References to over 1,780 peer reviewed studies compiled by Italian scientists that attest to the safety of GM crops.
  • Copies of papers by multiple independent health and environmental agencies worldwide that have scrutinized GM crops.
  • A report by the National Research Council concluding that US farmers are realizing substantial economic and environmental benefits…lower production costs, less pesticides, higher yields.