Monsanto Hawaii helps Feed My Sheep

Throughout the year, Feed My Sheep, a unique mobile food distribution program, delivers meals to neighborhoods across Maui to those in need. Recently, the Monsanto Fund awarded a $10,000 grant to help support their humanitarian efforts.

“Monsanto Fund’s generous donation will ensure that 3,700 underprivileged on Maui will have access to healthy food,” said Joyce Kawakami, CEO and executive director of Feed My Sheep. “These funds will also enable our organization to purchase much-needed equipment to increase our productivity.”

Feed My Sheep currently uses smaller manual scales that require the staff to weigh each donated box or crate of food individually. Monsanto Fund’s donation will enable them to purchase electronic scales – two pallet scales, one pallet truck scale, two low profile floor scales – that will make the work far more efficient. It will also increase productivity by providing the capability of weighing donated products by the pallet load as well as larger capacity donations at the base yard and at donation pickup sites.

Feed My Sheep currently distributes food to Lahaina, Kahana, Kahului and Kihei on a weekly basis; and Hana on a monthly basis (four weeks supply of food). Each month, they give out 69,000 half-pound meals. In the last year, 3,700 people received food including working but poor families, seniors on fixed incomes and homeless men and women.

The organization is also making it a priority to deliver healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, good quality protein and carbohydrates. The USDA has linked poor health to people in poverty, mostly due to the poor quality, processed food that they can afford and are receiving from local food distribution programs.

Feed My Sheep is dedicated to breaking that trend by trying to provide well-balanced nutritious meals for those in need.

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