Monsanto Hawaii Helps Second Annual Bike Safety Event

In October, Monsanto employees visited fourth grade classes at Waialua Elementary School for the second annual Bike Safety and Awareness Event. Eight Monsanto volunteers shared bike safety, traffic awareness and bike maintenance tips with 90 eager students, and presented each of them with brand-new bike helmets.

“As a kid, I grew up in a small community riding my bicycle around town, and received bike safety training in school,” said Caleb Dohrman, Haleiwa Operations Manager. “This year’s event at Waialua Elementary went well, and we had a very positive experience with the school’s staff and students. We hope that the kids enjoyed themselves and will remember to always be safe while riding their bicycles.”

Students also participated in a Bike Safety Awareness Poster Contest highlighting the themes “Always Wear a Helmet,” “Bicycle Safety Rules” and “My Bicycle and I - Reflective and Ready.” Ocean Kraski, Lauren Conger and Kambray Dellatan were selected as winners of the contest, and received brand-new 24’’ bicycles.

“Waialua Elementary School would like to express their gratitude to Monsanto and their team for their time and providing our students with wonderful bicycle equipment,” said Twila Richvalsky, Waialua Elementary School’s parent community network coordinator. “Our school looks forward to continuing to partner with Monsanto, and hope that they return to provide other students with the same valuable opportunity.”

Monsanto is happy to report that it will be helping with other bike safety events later this year and in the future.  It is great to have opportunities to help keep our kids safe.