Monsanto Hawaii Kicks Off its Inaugural Safety Olympics

Monsanto Hawaii employees just finished another fun round in the company’s inaugural Safety Olympics program, a statewide Monsanto initiative to increase safety awareness through employee engagement. It was entertaining and educational, and all part of Monsanto’s continued commitment to being a great place to work.

“We learned different things about safety in a different way,” said Racquel Advincula who has worked in Kunia for five years. 

The new safety program engages teams of 8-10 employees from Monsanto Hawaii farms on Oahu, Maui and Molokai in friendly competition with an emphasis on common safety subject matters including slips, trips, falls and lifts, incident reporting, vehicle safety, elevated work and fall protection, insect stings, emergency response and more.

“The Safety Olympics is designed to elevate our company’s safety culture to yet another higher level, and involves all Monsanto Hawaii employees in safety-focused engagement, leadership and training.” said Paul Myers, Monsanto Hawaii ESH Lead.

“It helps awareness by participating in a game and at the same time integrating the ideas and proper ways to go about safety,” said Monsanto Hawaii employee Cresencia Garingo.

The Safety Olympics program will span a six-month period with weekly team training sessions and three bi-monthly competitions. Teams with the most points at the end of the six months will then compete in a statewide event to determine the winner.

“Safety is the highest priority for our company and it is inspiring to see this initiative come to fruition,” said Caleb Dohrman, production lead at Monsanto Hawaii. “Not only are we able to educate our employees about safety precautions, but this has also enabled us to unite all Monsanto functions and teams and interact as one.”

In 2006, Monsanto Hawaii became the first agricultural company in the state to receive a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification, the top safety classification administered under the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“At Monsanto Hawaii, we believe it’s important to create an environment that fosters safety, teamwork, innovation and reliable products,” said Dan Clegg, Hawaii Business Operations Lead. “Through Monsanto’s Safety Olympics, our employees have an opportunity to dedicate four hours of their time, every two months, to learning new safety techniques and engaging in fun competition.”

To learn more about Monsanto Hawaii’s commitment to the safety of their employees, please visit www.monsantohawaii.srb.