Monsanto Maui big on recycling

As part of Monsanto Hawaii’s commitment to responsible farming practices, their Maui farm recently recycled 222,040 pounds of plastic drip line, keeping it out of our island’s landfills. This effort is part of the company’s ongoing drip tube recycling program.

The company irrigates their fields using drip line due to its efficiency in delivering water in an environmentally friendly way. While this method reduces the amount of water needed to grow a crop, it also creates rubbish from discarded irrigation tubing, which accumulates over time.

Monsanto baled and sent away for recycling the used drip line from their Maui field locations, representing several years of accumulated drip line that had been stored until it could be recycled.

“We believe it’s important to be environmentally responsible in our daily operations,” said Joe McClure, Maui Operations Lead for Monsanto Hawaii. “By making every effort to reuse and recycle materials that could otherwise head to our island’s landfills, we’re helping to do our part to keep Maui green.”

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