Percival Libed: Monsanto Hawaii Seed Technician

Meet Percival Libed Jr!

Percival joined the Monsanto Hawaii ohana nearly two years ago as a seed technician. Born and raised in a farming community in the Philippines, Percival comes from a long lineage of farmers. For more than three decades, the Libed family has been involved in agriculture raising livestock and cultivating rice, tobacco and vegetables.

At Monsanto Hawaii, a typical day for Percival involves everything from field inspections to data entry, and he has recently taken on the role of scheduling and reporting weekly fertigation for the Upper Kunia farm. Percival is very proud to work for Monsanto Hawaii and is particularly proud of the company’s commitment to engaging the local community through open dialogue.

“The key to our success is close collaboration, not only across Monsanto Hawaii farms but also with our neighbors,” said Percival. “This collaboration has played a key role in continuously transforming the way we farm, a direct result of sharing best practices.”


An example of this close collaboration is through Monsanto’s integrated pest management (IPM) program. The goal of the IPM program is to establish healthy soils and healthy crops by implementing a wide variety of safe treatments for pest management in the most sustainable way possible. Through information exchange, Percival and the Monsanto Hawaii team are able to continue to develop and refine methods to determine the best way to limit pest damage safely and economically. Monsanto’s methods include:

  • Employing regular, appropriate scouting and treatment techniques;
  • Consulting local advisors or specialists;
  • Selecting treatments that have minimal negative impact on beneficial insects;
  • Selecting and cultivating plants that have the best yield and resistance to disease; and
  • Using recommended control methods like crop rotation and other soil management practices.

Prior to joining the Monsanto Hawaii team in Aug. 2014, Percival worked for more than 19 years in several government agricultural departments in the Philippines.  He took on various roles including agricultural technician, planning officer and engineer in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, watershed development and land use.

Percival received his Bachelor of Science in agricultural engineering from Mariano Marcos State University in the Philippines and a post graduate Diplomate in International  Agricultural Engineering at Larenstein International Agricultural College in the Netherlands.

Percival currently resides in Waipahu, Hawaii.  In his spare time he enjoys travelling around the island of Oahu, Hawaii enjoying the natural beauty of the “paradise”.