Planting the Seed for Better Solutions

Grown since the dawn of agriculture, sunn hemp has been widely used and tested as an effective cover crop to help improve soil, prevent erosion, conserve soil water, recycle plant nutrients and suppress weed growth. However, despite these many benefits, production of sunn hemp is limited since there are few growers of sunn hemp seeds due to tropical climate requirements.

Luckily, sunn hemp can be grown year-round in Hawaii. And, Monsanto Hawaii is helping to produce the seeds to benefit the Oahu Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D), which successfully markets and sells sunn hemp seeds.

Donating agricultural expertise and manpower support, Monsanto Hawaii committed to help plant, irrigate, fertilize and dry the seeds.

“We are pleased that Monsanto Hawaii has offered to partner with Oahu RC&D on our fundraiser project,” said Duane Okamoto, Oahu RC&D executive director. “Both farmers and the general public have expressed a growing interest in sunn hemp and we are excited that this project allows us to develop and promote this conservation crop as well as help sustain our outreach efforts.”

As an independent, non-profit organization, Oahu RC&D works toward improving stewardship of soil and water resources through developing conservation plans and recommendations for farmers.

“We are committed to being good stewards of the land, and this fundraiser project not only allows us to produce an agriculturally sustainable crop, but also supports an organization dedicated to promoting smart and responsible farming,” said Brian Griffiths, Monsanto Hawaii Oahu foundation site manager.

To learn more about Monsanto Hawaii's commitments to conservation and our communities, click here.