Watch Monsanto Hawaii’s New Commercial About What We Do in the Islands

Based on thousands of conversations with residents throughout the state, we’ve heard loud and clear that Monsanto Hawaii needs to do more to educate the public about our local farms. We also learned that many residents did not have a strong awareness of who Monsanto is or the type of community outreach we do.

Our new commercial featuring our local, hardworking employees, aims to do just that – to build understanding about our farming practices and educate the community on our contributions to the Islands. Check out the commercial here. We hope you enjoy!

Last year, Monsanto launched this Hawaii-specific website, a Facebook page and Twitter page (@monsantohawaii) where people can read about our farming practices and our contributions to Hawai‘i. We also answer questions from our neighbors and Hawaiian residents regarding our operations and the agricultural industry in general. Submit your questions and comments by visiting the Contact page.

Thanks for watching!