Why do you have lights on in the evenings in your fields?

Thank you for a great question. We welcome this opportunity to share some information about what will be happening at our farm over the winter season.

As in previous years, we’re growing soybeans again at our Molokai farm, and will be temporarily turning on night lights for our newly planted crops.

Most soybeans grow best in places with long, sunny days – like in the Midwest during the summer, where soybeans thrive in 14 hours of sunshine every day. Hawaii doesn’t get quite that many hours of sunshine, so to help our young soybeans grow, we use night lights to mimic these long sunny days.

Similar to last winter, we will be growing the same acreage of soybeans, which will be planted a portion at a time. The night lights will be moved about our farm, following these fields. These night lights are temporary and only used for these winter soybean plantings which should be done in February.

We’ve also consulted with a biologist and experts at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to ensure our night lights are compatible with local wildlife.

A sincere mahalo to our neighbors and fellow Molokai residents. We care about being a good farmer and good neighbor, and welcome hearing from you if you have any questions about our farm.